Best car interior cleaning Knoxville

Car owners know that taking care of their cars is important especially if they want them to be in use for a long time. Part of taking care of a car has to do with cleaning it. Below are a few car interior cleaning Knoxville tips for you.



It is difficult to clean interior parts of a car especially because conventional cleaning techniques like splash water are out of the question. Cleaning interior parts of a car require some creativity.

  • AC vents: AC vents in the car usually accumulate dust over time. To get rid of the dust, you should use a paintbrush or a foam brush to dust between the vent partitions. As you do this, make sure you vacuum up the dust to stop it from settling on another part of the car.
  • Knobs and buttons: The combination of the vacuum brush and the paintbrush work well together to clean car knobs and buttons. Again, this is almost certainly the only efficient method as splashing water onto the buttons is out of the question.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard is constantly exposed to the sun, and this weakens it over time. To take care of it, condition it with olive oil. Olive oil helps to condition the leather found on the dashboard.
  • Upholstery: For those with pets, animal hair can be a bit of a nuisance, especially on the upholstery. To banish such animal hair, use a squeegee and a spray bottle.
  • Seat cushions and seat belts: Crumbs and dirt on the seams of seat cushions should be removed using a fine bristled brush. Use an all-purpose cleaner, a brush, and a sponge to shampoo your car seats. Pull the harness all the way to expose the seatbelt. To prevent the seatbelt from retracting, secure it with a clip. You can then use a soft sponge to wipe the surface of the seatbelt to remove dirt.
  • Floor mats: Use stain removers on your doormats to soak up the dirt. Once that is done, throw them into the washing machine for a quick wash. The other option would be to scrub them using a DIY upholstery cleaner.
  • Vinyl and leather: The vinyl and leather usually get particles, crumbs and other sticky things on them. Use a magic eraser to lightly scrub them off. For stubborn dirt that still stays embedded after light scrubbing, use a toothbrush for some more detailed scrubbing.


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