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At DCI we pride ourselves knowing we gain great respect from every customer by giving everyone what is important to them. We offer (2) primary construction types in our Charlotte NC custom cabinets, several brands of factory manufactured cabinets, and many types and brands of products for countertops including solid surface tops. We do our own installations for your peace of mind as well.

We are one of the fastest-growing cabinetry and countertop manufacturing and service companies in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas due to referrals from our rapidly growing list of well-satisfied customers. Our service is second to none!

We staff only highly trained and well-diversified professionals and combine that with only quality materials to bring you a product that makes you as proud to say “Newman’s did it”, as we are to have the name. After all, we are family owned and operated, serving the area for 15+ years.

On our site, we have included links to many of our suppliers for your review as well as pictures of previous projects we have worked on. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

European Construction (Frameless) – Frameless cabinetry is the modern construction type. The cabient box is manufactured with 3/4″ material, and requires no face frame. The edges are covered with PVC or wood veneer to match the wood specie; color of doors and exteriors our customers prefer. The same wood specie, finish color (including custom glaze), door style and accessories are available as the Face-Frame Construction. We offer (2) standard 3/4″ materials for construction, 3/4″ melamine or 3/4″ prefinished maple plywood (interiors). The benefit of this construction type is it gives more space.


French Drain Systems In Charlotte NC

Steps involved in installing the french drain system In Charlotte

Many building owners in Charlotte NC are facing the issues with property flooding which became a serious problem as the water leakage into the building can cause damages and stagnant water makes the place stinky call Crawl Space French Drains Systems experts today. After the introduction of the French drain system, it became a great relief for the property owners from this issue. As the French drains were highly useful to prevent the ground and surface water leaking into the building foundations.

French drain was being used as water drainage system since from 1859. French drain is a trench that has been lined with rock or gravel or contains a perforated pipe for redirecting the groundwater and surface water to move away from the building area. Making use of perforated hollow pipes along the bottom helps release the water faster before gets flow into the building. For enabling the water to flow through the ground for draining gravel will be placed on top of the pipe as water flows easily through gravel.

  • French drain is being an effective solution for the buildings which were facing chronic water drainage problems.
  • It is used to transport the excess water from the building and flow them into low lying areas were the water will not cause any damage so it has to be installed rightly on the place where the water has to be moved.

The French drain system keeps the building safe from water leaks

To safeguard the property from damage due to excess water flow on the building then it is better to install a French drain system in the building. You can browse as how to install the french drain which will be helpful for installing it in right place. For installing the French drain system in Charlotte NC at first have to determine the area of excess water and where it has to be re-routed. Have to choose the location for draining the water as it should not affect the neighboring properties. Then mark the location after that create a trench in the marked location in correct depth then add gravel to the bottom of the trench. Make use of landscape fabric for lining the entire span of trench as a top layer of the gravel. Place the drain pipe on the top of fabric lining and add gravel as covering the pipe completely. Now fold the excess fabric left out over the gravel that creates an overlap which protects the lined drain pipe. Then fill the trench with sand and topsoil also cover this with turf along with add stones around the open end of drain pipe and it’s done with installation. It is better to call upon the professionals to do this as they will take care of it completely by installing the French drains properly.

Advantages of using a French drain In Charlotte NC

  • Installing the French drain direct water from higher to lower spot which helps to keep the moisture from flooding in the home and excess water cleanup.
  • It is easy to install and no need to cause any damage to the parts of yard for installing it in Charlotte NC.

Information about roofing charlotte nc

Quality Roofers In Charlotte NC

We realize that selecting a roofing contractor can be a very difficult decision. Click here for roofing charlotte nc That is why roofing charlotte nc, meets with every customer to ensure that they are 100% satisfied. Our mission is to help you make the right choices when selecting a new roof or starting a home improvement project.

Our locally owned Charlotte NC roofing company has built a reputation on quality and experience. To ensure a superior installation and long-lasting roof, we hand-nail all roofs.

Important Information When Choosing Your Next Roof

We provide a full range of home restoration solutions to residential and commercial customers across NC. If your home or business suffers an insurable loss from storm damage, roofing charlotte nc will work directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the roof you deserve.


Client Testimonials

From the first time we met him, he thoroughly searched out the need. He took time to explain the difference between the shingles. They cleaned up after themselves. They also went around the house with a magnetic device to make sure no nails were left behind. They were very careful to put the flashing around the chimney. They worked the entire day until the job was done. We were very pleased with their work. They were very professional and they were very focused on doing the job right. Roofing Charlotte NC came back to inspect the work after it was all done. I have already recommended this company to a friend.

How Old Is Your Roof In Charlotte

I sent a request for an estimate online to Roofing Charlotte NC. He responded in a timely manner. He could not do the work because the location was too far away, but he told me the “going rate” for the repair I needed to be done. I even emailed him additional questions, which he happily answered. This helped a great deal when dealing with other estimates. Thank you!


UK Phone Psychics Help Those In Need

A Psychic Phone Reading In The UK Will Help

Nothing happens by accident. There’s a reason why your Angels and Spirit Guides have lead you to this website, to this Psychic Love Expert. With my experience in a love-filled passionate romantic life with the same man for over 36 years. I’ve been able to successfully guide hundreds of women to the love of their life or repair a deeply committed relationship. With the help of my Spirit Guides and Angels, I’ll give you the answers to your questions and lead you down your right path of love. The spirits are motivating you to receive messages – the spiritual answers to your questions and problems. Many times the answers that are needed are about love, job, money, relationships, finance, family, safety & health. All of your answers are given to me from my Spirit Guides and Angels who surround me.

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Call Psych-Hub Telephone Psychics Today

Hi, my name is Carol from Psych-Hub UK. I’m a Psychic Medium who offers private phone Psychic Readings reaching loved ones who have passed to the other side of this world. Click here  for a psychic telephone call  It’s my pleasure to offer my service as a Psychic Medium to anyone in need. I also offer Personal Psychic Readings to people who need spirit given answers to their problems.

I read photos/pictures.

Before your personal reading please email me your picture and/or a picture of the person you’d like for me to tell you about during your reading. I’ll read the picture(s) before the reading so I can start right off by telling you what I see in the photo(s).

Personal Readings: Before your reading – if possible, please email me via a picture of yourself and/or your love interest person you want information about during the reading. When choosing a photo to e-mail to me please make sure that’s a headshot so I’m able to see the eyes. The eyes really are the window into our soul, so I gain even more information with a picture. When I look into a person’s eyes I can tell so much about them – Their past, present, and future.

You may ask yourself, what’s the difference between a Psychic & a Psychic Medium? A Psychic is a person who hears, sees, feels, smells and just knows messages from their Spirit Guides & Angels. They use this information to help others. About 7% of our population have strong Psychic skills. A Psychic Medium is a person who has all the same power of a Psychic but also has the ability to see, hear, feel, smell and just know messages from the dead (people who have passed to the other side). Working through their Spirit Guides a Psychic Medium can receive messages from deceased loved ones who want to reach out to their loved ones they’ve left behind. Only 1 to 3% of our population shows strong signs of having the power of Psychic Medium.

I have to tell you this: No human can command the spirits. If you meet someone who says they can command the spirits – THEY’RE NOT TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. No one but God alone has that power. When I perform a Psychic Reading I always pray and meditate first so I am protected from any negative energies. Then I ask my Spirit Guides & Angels to speak clearly and loudly to me telling me what you need to know. My Psychic Readings normally last from just a 30 to 45 minutes. It all depends on your energy and how direct my Spirit Guides and Angels are when talking to me.

Private Personal Psychic Readings: As a Psychic I perform private personal psychic readings via the telephone or in person at my home. Before I perform your reading you don’t need to give me any information like names or date of birth. I don’t believe a true Psychic needs a bunch of names, dates and guessing games – that’s just silly! The way I see it is, ya either know it or ya don’t. A Psychic shouldn’t charge you a nickel if they don’t know their Spirit Guides well enough to receive clear correct messages.

Before I perform your reading I pray to Jesus and meditate. Then I work with my Spirit Guides and receive messages which I share with you. My Guides give me messages about your past, your present, and your future. They give me generally to detailed information about what kind of person you are. If you’re asking me about another person then they give me generally to detailed information about that person as well. My Guides also tell me if the two of you are compatible and would make a good match. They also tell me if it’s the kind of match that can last for a lifetime. While I’m giving you your reading you’re welcome to ask me any question you’d like, and I’ll search my Spirit Guides & Angels for their answers.

I know that when you come to me you aren’t looking for the opinion or advice of just another human. You ONLY want the information the Spirits have for you. A reading from a skilled Psychic can be very revealing, encouraging, calming, healing and empowering.

Most of my Psychic readings last between 25 to 45 minutes, I don’t set a timer. Your reading is over when ALL of your questions are answered. Although I often have my next client scheduled behind you. So I encourage you to make a list of all your questions you’d like answered.


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