French Drain Systems In Charlotte NC

French Drain Systems In Charlotte NC

Steps involved in installing the french drain system In Charlotte

Many building owners in Charlotte NC are facing the issues with property flooding which became a serious problem as the water leakage into the building can cause damages and stagnant water makes the place stinky call Crawl Space French Drains Systems experts today. After the introduction of the French drain system, it became a great relief for the property owners from this issue. As the French drains were highly useful to prevent the ground and surface water leaking into the building foundations.

French drain was being used as water drainage system since from 1859. French drain is a trench that has been lined with rock or gravel or contains a perforated pipe for redirecting the groundwater and surface water to move away from the building area. Making use of perforated hollow pipes along the bottom helps release the water faster before gets flow into the building. For enabling the water to flow through the ground for draining gravel will be placed on top of the pipe as water flows easily through gravel.

  • French drain is being an effective solution for the buildings which were facing chronic water drainage problems.
  • It is used to transport the excess water from the building and flow them into low lying areas were the water will not cause any damage so it has to be installed rightly on the place where the water has to be moved.

The French drain system keeps the building safe from water leaks

To safeguard the property from damage due to excess water flow on the building then it is better to install a French drain system in the building. You can browse as how to install the french drain which will be helpful for installing it in right place. For installing the French drain system in Charlotte NC at first have to determine the area of excess water and where it has to be re-routed. Have to choose the location for draining the water as it should not affect the neighboring properties. Then mark the location after that create a trench in the marked location in correct depth then add gravel to the bottom of the trench. Make use of landscape fabric for lining the entire span of trench as a top layer of the gravel. Place the drain pipe on the top of fabric lining and add gravel as covering the pipe completely. Now fold the excess fabric left out over the gravel that creates an overlap which protects the lined drain pipe. Then fill the trench with sand and topsoil also cover this with turf along with add stones around the open end of drain pipe and it’s done with installation. It is better to call upon the professionals to do this as they will take care of it completely by installing the French drains properly.

Advantages of using a French drain In Charlotte NC

  • Installing the French drain direct water from higher to lower spot which helps to keep the moisture from flooding in the home and excess water cleanup.
  • It is easy to install and no need to cause any damage to the parts of yard for installing it in Charlotte NC.

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