Stakeholder management made easy with great software

Stakeholder management made easy with great software

For the success of a project, stakeholder management software is the key factor. The actions of the stakeholders determine the outcome of the project. Efficient stakeholder management will clear the obstructions, ensure smooth execution of the project and deliver results. It will track the progress of the project and tackle the obstacles in time. And all the projects involve multiple stakeholders and keeping all the stakeholders communicated on the progress and getting timely feedback is essential for the success of the project. Thus the role of a Project Manager is crucial, as the manager would be responsible for the execution of the project and delivering it in on time. However most of the time, the reports are managed by a spreadsheet which reduces visibility and there is a probability of error in the spreadsheets. Stakeholder management software is important as it assists in the management of the project. Below are some features of stakeholder management software.

Identification of the Stakeholders

The software will enable in identifying the stakeholders by documenting their interests, concern, and expectations from the project. Every stakeholder has different potentials and based on it tasks can be assigned and managed efficiently. It will increase visibility and accountability among the stakeholders. Moreover, it will help in getting a comprehensive picture of the stakeholders.

Project Management and Performance Monitoring

Stakeholder management made easy with great software assists and updates the team on the progress. By getting regular updates, the team will be able to deliver and stick to deadlines. Any pending or outstanding work can be communicated among the team. The software helps the manager to monitor the progress in the project and get an insight of the timelines that need to be met. The success of any project requires monitoring. Performance of the members and the stakeholders can be analyzed at the organization level and at the individual level. It will also reflect the commitment levels of the stakeholders. The software will reduce the time required to collate the reports, ensure utilization of resources and ensure responsiveness in the implementation of the project.


Stakeholder management software gives the project manager and the team members a platform to discuss, work on timelines, and update the progress to the stakeholders which also improves communication. The reports can be shared which ensure transparency, fasten the decision-making process and will attract more engagement from the stakeholders.  The client can provide feedback by the updates time to time on the project and the suppliers can also be kept in the loop with the updated requirements.

Budget Management

Budget is an important factor in any project. It all depends on how we can deliver the project within the stipulated budget. Stakeholder management software helps the project manager to determine the working budget. The manager can check the planned budget versus the actual budget and work can be assigned accordingly to the budget. And once the project is completed within the budget, the result is a happy and satisfied client who walks away with a smile. And a satisfied client means more work and will improve the relationship with the organization


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